I was too two friends from the East Coast (1 from Washington DC and 1 from New Yowk NY) around yesterday. We went to Pipestone.

At the National Monument we saw and heard the normal good birds there -- from Clay-colored Sparrow to Blue Grosbeak, and most other things you'd have expected there (many Bobolink!).

Also heard was a Henslow's Sparrow at about 12:15. It was near the SE edge of the Quarry trail, the south part of the Circle Loop. It clould not be seen as it must have been singinmg from just over a slight ridge. But heard 3-4 times clearly.

There is so much water the rest of the trail is closed and the eastern trail section is washed out.

All this water had probably led to Henslow's expanding its range.

Just the only thing I could think of, as the species is not on the park bird list.

Douglas Chapman
Sioux Falls, SD

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