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Hello Everyone- at Syracuse University, we a JEOL 8600 Superprobe.  We are
having difficulties with the joystick, the stage gears like to slip (at
times several mm) when moving the stage with the joystick.  Whenever we let
the computer move/control the stage (i.e. overnight runs) we don't have a
problem, so it seems likely that the joystick is the problem.  I was
wondering if anyone knows were we could purchase either a new one, or a new
used one?  The joystick has a male USB connection, which connects directly
to the Dell computer (running Geller software).  We do have a joystick from
a JEOL 733, but it has a male 15-pin D-sub connection, has anyone had
experience with D-sub to USB converters? These cost only ~$20 on amazon.
 Thanks very much for any help you can provide.