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We are looking for a dynamic and enterprising person with a sound 
knowledge of electron microscopy and analysis along with a background in 
geological or materials science. The successful applicant will 
responsible for operation, instruction in the use of, maintenance, and 
development of the electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) facility. They 
will also be responsible for maintaining quality control of analytical 
output and will advise on interpreting results.

Minimum requirements are Either: Extensive experience of operating an 
electron microprobe or comparable instrument.

Or: An MSc or PhD in geosciences or related fields and a knowledge of 
instrumental geochemistry, mineral chemistry and optical mineralogy and 
the ability to interpret analyses in a geologically meaningful way.

Knowledge of the Cameca SX100 or SX50 instruments would be a distinct 
advantage as would a working knowledge of other spectroscopic 
techniques, particularly Raman.

Closing date: 28 July 2011.

Further details:

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