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>I went out this morning and was able to find the blue grosbeaks. There
>were some other birders there and I'm happy to report that everyone was
>able to enjoy them while also not disturbing them with our presence. I
>observed some favored perching spots and after the others left I
>repositioned myself for some photos and my patience was rewarded!
>Thanks for sharing the sighting and also for reminding people to respect
>the birds.
>> On Sunday the birding Gods were with me. I observed a male and female
>> Grosbeak on 140th st  in Dakota County.  I have been reluctant to post
>this pair because they may very well be a breeding pair which would be a
>rarity. The birds have been very active and should be easily seen. I
>> ask that you DO NOT USE TAPES , as they are not necessary and more
>importantly be very disturbing to the pair. I hope I have not errored in
>posting this. I would like others to enjoy these birds without
>> with a possible successful breeding attempt.
>> Directions are at junction of Highway 52 & county road 42 go east about
>one block ; north on Conley ave to 140th ; turn right go to the
>county garbage dump on north side of the road where there are a group of
>Cedar trees .The birds have been in this area. ( it's about 1.7 miles
>> the turn on Conley to the cedar trees.
>>                     Jim Otto
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