Following up on the recently discovered presence of Bell's vireos in
an undeveloped industrial lot next to the Xcel power plant, I had a
dismaying revelation last week. I arrived to find the greenbelt border
of trees and bushes almost totally razed, and the adjacent flats,
which had been thickly overgrown with scrub plants and studded with
large puddles, was now plowed over with sand and dirt. Only one of the
several Spotted Sandpipers made its presence known, though the Kildeer
still seemed to be occupying the flat industrial roof on the next lot.
The Bell's Vireos were nowhere in sight, and the noise of the
equipment made it impossible to listen for them.

However, I've returned a few times since, when construction
preparations were at a standstill. All 3 times I've detected the
Bell's voice in the grassy tree and shrub-line that rings the holding
pond on the Xcel plant property next door. Perhaps that was their
living area all along. Perhaps nesting was not interrupted.

We also checked on the old power plant grounds, and found a pair of
BROWN Thrashers, the male teed up and singing, the female carrying

Linda Whyte

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