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The U of M Communicators Forum is looking for a programmer to work on the Forum's website database. 

A brief description of skills required to work on the site:

  • familiarity with PHP and MySQL 
  • solid understanding of Relational Database Design
  • ability to set up email functionality to interface with U of M's SMTP relay server
Items set up by our previous programmer that are actively maintained include SSL certificates, hosting to communicate with the SMTP relay server without need to authenticate to a SMTP server, and nightly backups of the database and website.

This would be a compensated/contracted position.

Please contact me if you are interested, and share with anyone else who might be.

How much time are you looking for? I would be interested if this could be done in a few hours per week in addition to my full-time position in the School of Social Work. I am a server administrator and web developer for the Minnesota Center Against Violence and abuse. In this and previous positions I have had ample experience designing and implementing databases in MySQL, developing and designing websites using PHP, HTML, and Javascript, and administering e-mail services, including distribution and discussion lists, for the Center's use.

I look forward to hearing for you. If you need someone for more time than I can provide, I'd be happy to pass the word on to another skilled developer who can.

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Kevin R. Bullock


Lani Payette
UMCF tech committee chair