Yo web comrades!

A friendly reminder to RSVP for happy hour with free
cheese<http://www.webstandards.umn.edu/> -
Aster Cafe, Thursday, Aug 25, from 4-6. So far I have only heard from 5
people who are both timely and love cheese. The Aster needs our headcount by
the end of the day tomorrow (to make sure there's enough delicious cheese),
so even if you *think* that you just* might* come, please RSVP using the

Other exciting WS developments: we are now on the Twitters as @umnweb. Give
us a follow! <http://twitter.com/#!/umnweb> (Spoiler: right now the only
tweet is about the happy hour and cheese, which should surprise no one. Soon
there will be other things.)

Look for more WS updates as the week progresses.


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