*"Look upon my cheese plate, ye mighty, and despair." - Percy Bysshe

Thanks to everyone that RSVP'd for the web standards happy hour today. The
Aster appreciates an accurate cheese count, and I appreciate not running out
of cheese.

What if you *didn't* RSVP, but still want to come? You can still come! The
Aster is still totally happy to sell you tasty beer and wine for the $3
happy hour prices, and we'd love to have you. Here are the deets (also
available at the Web Standards site <http://www.webstandards.umn.edu/>)

*Web Standards Kickoff Happy Hour*
TODAY! August 25, from 4:00 - 6:00pm
Aster Cafe, St Anthony Main 125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

See you tonight!
-Amanda and Tony

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