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We are doing this on One Stop (http://onestop.umn.edu/, http://onestop.umn.edu/calendars/).  Well sort of.  The code allows for multiple calendars, but currently we are only using one calendar.  We are doing all mashing of multiple calendars and sorting client-side via Javascript - which is extremely nice because we can plop the code on any web page.  If you decide to go this route, we found we were having a few issues with the Google feeds being extremely slow and timing out from time to time, so we cache a version of the feed on our servers every few hours.

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We are interested in trying to feed our google calendar into our website via feeds. The challenge we're facing is, we have multiple calendars. How do we feed a select set of our event calendars into our site in chronological order from date of event and not date of posting the event? This is the setup we're trying to use, but it only pulls one calendar from our account which I assume is our first created calendar.



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