Hi Tim,

I'm not exactly sure what you want to do since the link you've enclosed is giving me a page error.

But, I think it's pretty simple. On the Google Calendar page, go to Calendar Settings. On that page there is a widget for creating some code to embed in your webpage. If you click on the customize code link, you can change the calendar options (size, features, etc) and you can also select additional calendars that you have access to and display these simultaneously in one layout -- which is what it sounds like you want to do. You can also rename the calendar title to reflect the multiple calendars.


On Aug 15, 2011, at 2:23 PM, David Peterson wrote:


Just a theory, have not tested it out. Could you create a managed calendar which is subscribed to all of the calendars you would like to show on the feed, then post the single feed on your site?


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Hello Web Folks,

We are interested in trying to feed our google calendar into our website via feeds. The challenge we're facing is, we have multiple calendars. How do we feed a select set of our event calendars into our site in chronological order from date of event and not date of posting the event? This is the setup we're trying to use, but it only pulls one calendar from our account which I assume is our first created calendar.



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