Members and Friends of the Congestion Pricing Committee,


Two updates:



Please remember that the end of the day today is the deadline for the poster proposal. 



Initial review assignments have been made.  If you received one or more papers to review, please scan them to determine if you would not want to review the paper or would not be able to complete the review by September 15.  For any review that you cannot complete, notify Ken Buckeye ([log in to unmask]) and Patrick Decorla-Souza ([log in to unmask]) right away.  Please remember that a careful review is very important and detailed comments are particularly helpful.  The comments help us in determining which papers to have presented and published as well as helping the authors in revising the paper.  We have strict limits from TRB on how many papers can be presented and published, so we do need to rank them.  Your frank evaluations are critical to this process.


Your primary role is to judge the technical merit of the paper, not to re-write it.  You should not spend effort editing a paper that either requires much editing or is not acceptable in terms of content.  You may comment that a paper needs much editing, or if you spot minor spelling or grammatical errors in an otherwise good and well-written paper, this would help the author(s).  But mostly we are interested in your comments regarding the merits of the paper’s content.


Finally, if you did not receive any papers for review and would like to get one for review please let Ken and Patrick know. 


Thanks for your hard work (and special thanks to Mark Burris for the template of this email!),


David & Lee

Co-Chairs Congestion Pricing Committee


David H. Ungemah
Senior Planning Manager, Professional Associate

Parsons Brinckerhoff
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512.917.3671 (mobile)

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