If you are not particularly interested in going to Texas's Central Coast to
look for Whooping Cranes, then an alternative is to monitor ND-Birds ( North
Dakota Birds)  https://listserv.nodak.edu/archives/nd-birds.html .  The map
that the Wisconsin Natural Resources has for migratory routes of Whooping
Cranes http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/er/birds/wcrane/pdfs/Section3.pdf is close
to what a number of other organizations show.  The problem with that map is
that it does not match reports in the ND-Birds archives.  The map that the
Corpus Christi Birding group
http://www.ccbirding.com/twc/1997/WhooperMaps.htm does a better job of
showing the path that Whooping Cranes use when passing through North Dakota.


Hope this helps.






Stevan Hawkins

San Antonio TX




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The 3 whoopers were still there this morning sw of Ryder.  Thanks to Janelle
who reported them.  I got some pretty good pictures as they circled near me.
They sure are huge!  I also had 13 Forster's terns on Lake Audubon and 30+
western and clarks grebes on White Lake NW of Stanley along with thousands
of shovelers, mallards, coots, gadwall, ruddy's, and more.  12 orange
crowned warblers at the lake also.  

Good birding, 
Chris Hiatt



Masters, Janelle [[log in to unmask]]


Pat Bradley and I saw three whooping cranes southwest of Ryder today
Saturday the 24th. Two adults and one juvenile with about 100 sandhill


Janelle Masters


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