The law in Minnesota reads that even if private land is not posted, trespassing without permission is breaking the law.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Secondly, the whooping crane eastern partnership (WCEP) has been urging folks for years to observe these birds from a respectable distance.  As the original observers stated you could easily see these from your car.  Most birds do not see cars as a threat and they usually make good "blinds."  WCEP is trying not to habituate these birds to humans.  Several have gotten into trouble after becoming habituated including wintering birds that were walking around suburban cul-de-sacs in Florida and taking handouts from home owners.  A couple of birds that became too comfortable with humans ended up in jail (long-term captivity=permanently out of the wild flock).  If you want closeups of whoopers go to the whooper exhibit at the International Crane Foundation at Baraboo which has a minimarsh and a natural background and take all the photos you want.  Otherwise try thinking about the birds' welfare and not your own ego.   Bob Russell

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