I been watching the Whooper Crane dialog and the bottom line is that the MOU listserv and the MOU-RBA listserv should ask birders to NOT post Whooping Crane sightings on any of the MOU listservs.  Several people forwarded email addresses for the WI Whooping Crane project and that is where these sightings should be sent to and not to the MOU listservs.  Now I know some are going to reply and ask "what about accidental, casual or first state record sightings?"   I feel those sightings can be shared on the MOU listservs and in the past people have forward the ABA code of ethics as far as approaching and viewing birds in the field and also at private residences.  Whooping Cranes are federally protected species and there are about 300-330 Whooping Cranes on earth today.  These birds are fragile and should be treated as such.  IMHO there is big difference of a Clark's Nutcracker in Lac Qui Parle Co. or a western stray hummer coming to a feeder vs. a
 Whooping Crane in some field in MN.  

Code ethics birders and photographers should follow:
Birders code of ethics: http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html

Wildlife Photographers code of ethics: http://www.naturephotographers.net/codeofconduct.html  

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