Asked to post this for Pete Makousky:
Directions to Courage Center - from Highway 100 turn east on Duluth/Golden
Valley Road and then turn right on Hidden Lakes Parkway. Take the first left an
immediate right (less than a car's length to the turn) and drive to the parking
to the parking lot that is behind Courage Center. You will find a creek that
runs behind the building. There is a culvert near the parking lot and a bridge
that goes over the creek. It was between those 2 areas that I found the Black-
throated Blue Warbler (female) and relocated a second time.
Pete Makousky
Anoka, MN

> Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 19:17:48 -0500
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> Subject: Bird Postings
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> What is the possibility of having 2 sites to email to?
> One could be for chitter chat and the other could be for actual bird
> postings.
> Many of the postings on MOU don't tend to help in finding birds which is
> what I thought this site was somewhat about.
> (But I could be way off base).
> Pete
> Anoka, MN
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