At 5:30 PM this afternoon (Saturday, 24 September) I spotted four juvenile Sabine's Gulls from the Beach House on Park Point, Duluth. Shortly thereafter all four birds were refound by Barb and Denny Martin from the 22nd Street public access on Park Point. The flock of four was last seen flying towards Wisconsin Point. 

A juvenile Pacific Loon seen from the 12th Street public access on Park Point this afternoon was refound late in the afternoon off 22nd Street. This was probably the same juvenile found late yesterday by Karl Bardon at the Superior Entry. Interestingly, the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology "Jaegerfest" field trip to Wisconsin Point found an adult Pacific Loon this morning that ranged between parking lot #1 and parking lot #12 (parking areas on Wisconsin Point are sequentially numbered and clearly marked). 

Doug Kieser, Scott Meyer, Barb and Denny Martin and others reported 2 juvenile Parasitic Jaegers on the Minnesota side of the Superior Entry this afternoon. Yesterday (23 September), I saw and photographed 2 juvenile Parasitics from the Beach House on Park Point. I also saw *4 juvenile jaegers* flocking together near Sky Harbor Airport on Park Point the previous day (22 September). The WSO group has been seeing several juvenile Parasitics and at least one adult light-morph Parasitic from parking lot #1 on Wisconsin Point on a regular basis this entire week.  

A juvenile Great Black-backed Gull was observed on both sides of the Minnesota-Wisconsin state line today; this individual was first found by Karl Bardon on the Minnesota side of the Superior Entry on the 23rd. Recent observations of Bonaparte's, Thayer's, Lesser Black-backed, and Great Black-backed gulls in the Duluth-Superior area, in addition to the aforementioned Sabine's Gulls and 2 different Franklin's Gulls (one of these at Park Point), makes a total of 8 species of gull this week to herald the onset of gull-watching season.  

Other birds of interest seen only at Wisconsin Point include a White-winged Scoter and a male Surf Scoter between parking lot #1 and Gull Bluff on the 24th, the first Harris's Sparrows of the season on the 23rd, and a total of 21 species of warbler for the WSO weekend field trip. 

Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN