The juvenile jaeger flew past the same location at 5:15 PM headed towards sky harbor airport. Its plumage matched that of the juvenile parasitic that was off parking lot #1 at Wisconsin Point this morning, which was identical in size and wingspan to an adult light morphology parasitic when they were flying side by side and chasing one another at Wisconsin Point. Tim Oksiuta reported adult and juvenile parasiticus at Wisconsin Point yesterday (Thursday) morning and the juvenile was also seen near the sky harbor airport Tuesday evening (so far the adult has only been seen on the Wisconsin side).

On Sep 9, 2011 5:49 PM, "Kim R Eckert" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> A juvenile jaeger, by all indications a Parasitic, was seen on the
> Lake Superior side of Park Point this afternoon ~5:00 pm. It flew S to
> N past our position at 43rd St, which is just N of the Recreation
> Area, and was lost from sight as it headed towards downtown Duluth.
> Peder Svingen was with me at the time, and he reported that 2
> Parasitic Jaegers have also been seen in recent days, including today,
> near the base of Wisconsin Pt out from parking area #1. (That location
> is ~2.5 mi S of the Superior Entry / Minnesota state line where
> numerous jaeger sightings occurred last fall.)
> Kim R Eckert
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