Late this afternoon while birding with the Vold family at Park Point, we watched a juvenile Parasitic Jaeger strafe the beach and harass Ring-billed Gulls near the dune bridge by Sky Harbor Airport. Based on photographs taken today at Park Point and this morning at Wisconsin Point, the same individual was at both locations today. It also appears to be the same individual seen daily by myself and others at Wisconsin Point since 8 September, which had also been seen near the Sky Harbor Airport on the 6th and photographed at the 43rd Street public access to Park Point on the 9th. Though it has long been suspected that some jaegers linger at the western end of Lake Superior for extended periods of time on both sides of the Minnesota-Wisconsin state line, this represents one of the few such individuals photographically documented in both states on multiple dates.  

Also of interest at Park Point this afternoon were 18 American Golden-Plovers on the ballfields at the Recreation Area and 2 Buff-breasted Sandpipers on the beach between 22nd Street and 31st Street (Lafayette Square). 

This morning at Wisconsin Point with Mike Hendrickson, Robbye Johnson, and others, highlights (Wisconsin only) among the 8,000+ gulls congregating off parking lot #1 were the following: 

Western Grebe (casual migrant in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin)

Peregrine Falcon attacking Ring-billed Gulls (keep up the good work)

3 Parasitic Jaegers (1 light-morph adult and 2 juveniles)

2 Black-bellied Plover

8 American Golden-Plovers

1 Semipalmated Plover

43 Sanderlings

1 Least Sandpiper

2 Buff-breasted Sandpipers

Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN