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SAMx and JoeXray LLC would like to invite you to a private and if so desired, personal demonstration, of the SAMx WDX-EDX-Imaging-CL integrated system in the USA to present the TOTAL solution for uProbe and automated EM analysis / CL systems available.

We recently completed another system in Texas and are considering live sites in either Kentucky or Texas for a two day meeting for this presentation, demonstration, and support meeting. Possible invites may include financial support for your attendance if you are serious about funding a system such as this for your uProbe or SEM / TEM /Auger. Current SAMx users are also encouraged to attend to have any specific application support attended to.

We would like to add user generated talks / papers on uProbe analysis for all fields of users, right now we are considering having approximately 6 talks on uProbe and would like at least two within the geology field and two within the material analysis field. These would be  30 or 45 minutes for each talk.

If you are interested in presenting a talk / paper, please get back with me ASAP via e-mail.

We are looking at the spring of 2012 to offer this exclusive presentation – demonstration- and support meeting. We need to hear back from interested parties now to insure that there is enough interest in the uProbe / EM community to justify this meeting. Jean Francois Thiot of SAMx and Joe Ullmer of JoeXray LLC will be the presenters for this meeting.

The SAMx system integrates the entire package within one software solution. The competition is comprised of multiple suppliers with software that MAY talk together today, but have no longterm solutions together. With the SAMx solution possible systems including all or portions necessary for WDX automation, EDX automation, Imaging automation, and full integration are available with seamless operation and continued support. Several new installations and the inferior results from SAMx competitors results have proven that this is the best possible solution available in the world! We also offer the best in Silicon Drift Detector and Cathodeluminescence Detectors (exclusive CL for the Cameca SX-50 and SX-100 uProbes) for Geological Chronological dating operations and other applications at the right price.

If you would like to attend please contact us via phone at 937 554-2628 or e-mail  us at [log in to unmask] to allow us to justify this first SAMx meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joe Ullmer
JoeXray LLC
4223 Cleveland Avenue
Dayton, Ohio   45410
937 554-2628
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