A juvenile Pomarine Jaeger was seen this afternoon between about 2:30  
and 3:30 on L Superior at Park Point. I found it with my Minn Birding  
Weekends group out from the utility buildings near the S end of the  
Sky Harbor airport runway, about a mile S of the Recreation Area. The  
jaeger was both swimming in the lake and twice observed in pursuit of  
Ring-billed Gulls, and its ID was based on a combination of its  
overall bulky shape, wing span, and body length in direct comparison  
with the gulls, and its flight style as it pursued the gulls. No  
useful features related to its bill, white primary patches, or shape  
of the central rectrices were visible.

This morning, we also found an adult male Surf Scoter on the bay side  
of Park Point between the 13th and 15th Streets access points.

Kim Eckert
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