This afternoon around 3:30 I located a juvenile Black Scoter on South 
Stanchfield Lake in NW Isanti County.  The bird was loosely associating with 
a flock of Ruddy Ducks, which made for an interesting comparison.  The bird 
was at the south end of the lake, and was most easily seen from Llama St NW, 
which is on the west side of the lake.  You will need a scope.

Also, at the location where I viewed the Black Scoter, there is a pasture 
and adjacent corn stubble field between Llama St NW and the lake that had 
approximately 30 geese resting or foraging.  At least ten of these geese 
were Cackling Geese, and at least 4 of them were Snow Geese (1 white and 3 

Herb Dingmann
St. Cloud

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