On Monday evening at dusk my neighbor found 12 to 15 Whooping Cranes amoung
the thousands of Sand Hill Cranes at Crex Meadows near Grantsburg
Wisconsin.  the cranes were flying in for the evening after presumedly
feeding in the surrounding fields.  The Whooping Cranes easily stood out
amoung the smaller darker Sand Hill Cranes.

No bands were seen on these birds.  Checking with a person knowledgible on
the movements of the Wisconsin flock of Whooping Cranes reveled that these
birds could not be part of that group, but were members of the flock that
migrates between Alberta, Canada and Texas, being seen much further east
than in previous years.

Staff at Crex Meadows indicated no other reports of these birds.  I decided
to pass on this information as the birds have probably passed out of the
area and were in large flocks of cranes that are unlikely to be approached.-

Steve Weston
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