I saw a 2nd winter Great Black-backed Gull from the southwest shore of Lake Waconia this morning. This is the first North American Great Black-backed Gull I have seen, and the first I have seen side by side with ducks and other gulls which really brings out the size difference.    When I left the Great Black-backed Gull had moved towards the western shore to the north where houses are lining the shore.   I am not exactly sure how to get to this particular neighborhood.  I did not see a single loon on the lake, as there has still been no significant loon, grebe, or duck movement into the area.   Otherwise the Black-bellied Plover was still at Chevalle neighborhood wetlands in Chaska, as he has been the past few days.  There were a total of ~230 Common Grackle in multiple flocks flying over Rapids Lake MVNWR and a mixed flock of Brewer's Blackbird(counted 284 individual birds, additional 100+estimate) and Red-winged Blackbird(300+) along Cty. Rd. 33.  
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