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Coincidently, today I blogged about my most recent eBird
effort--transcribing my banding records into eBird.
http://dantallmansbirdblog.blogspot.com/  I wholeheartedly agree with Jesse
that eBird is worth exploring. <http://ebird.org


On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 9:59 AM, Jesse Ellis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hey WI and MN birders-
> The number of Snowy Owls thus far reported in the upper midwest makes it
> clear this is an invasion year for this species. To get a sense of their
> distribution so far this winter I plotted all the sightings I could find on
> a google map, and I thought I would share. Currently the public may add new
> sightings as they occur.
> A couple of major points: all of the points on this map are intentionally
> plotted inexactly. The point here is to get a look at the overall
> distribution in our area. Because google maps is a very different sort of
> public forum than either of our listserves, I want to keep this points with
> significant error for the safety of the birds. I have generally plotted the
> point to the nearest population center mentioned in the posting to the
> listserve. If you want to get more information on a particular sighting,
> you'll need to check the appropriate listserve. If you are going to add
> points to the list, please use the rule of major population center noted
> Another major point! Only a small fraction of the reported individuals are
> currently in eBird <http://ebird.org/>! (And at least one sighting is in
> eBird <http://ebird.org/> but was not reported to the list.) Ideally, I
> wouldn't have to make my own map, because everyone sighting these birds
> would put their list into eBird <http://ebird.org/>. However, I can't
> legitimately add someone else's sightings to eBird <http://ebird.org>. If
> you haven't tried this amazing tool for recording and viewing bird
> sightings, I suggest you give it a shot. You can now even include links to
> photos if you want to support an ID or simply make your list look snazzy.
> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204094329457575509162.0004b268568ba73710764&msa=0&ll=45.752193,-92.021484&spn=10.164185,23.269043
> Please keep posting your general sightings to the lists, with as little or
> as much detail as you see fit, and keep an eye out for these magnificent
> birds!
> Jesse Ellis
> Madison, WI
> <%3Ciframe%20width=%22425%22%20height=%22350%22%20frameborder=%220%22%20scrolling=%22no%22%20marginheight=%220%22%20marginwidth=%220%22%20src=%22
> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&amp;mpa=0&amp;ctz=360&amp;mpf=0&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;msa=0&amp;ll=46.742908,-92.154142&amp;spn=6.227535,9.853105&amp;t=h&amp;vpsrc=6&amp;msid=204094329457575509162.0004b268568ba73710764&amp;output=embed%22%3E%3C/iframe%3E%3Cbr%20/%3E%3Csmall%3EView%20%3Ca%20href=%22http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&amp;mpa=0&amp;ctz=360&amp;mpf=0&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;msa=0&amp;ll=46.742908,-92.154142&amp;spn=6.227535,9.853105&amp;t=h&amp;vpsrc=6&amp;msid=204094329457575509162.0004b268568ba73710764&amp;source=embed%22%20style=%22color:#0000FF;text-align:left%22%3ESnowy%20Owls%20in%20the%20Upper%20Midwest,%202011-12%3C/a%3E%20in%20a%20larger%20map%3C/small%3E
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