Late this afternoon on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Hennepin County I had the pleasure of observing a Lesser Black-backed Gull.  It was on the south-west side of the lake standing on the fishing pier that has been moved out into the lake for winter.  What a fun way to see this LBBG standing next to Ring-billed and Herring Gulls for side by side size comparison.  Then there was the added bonus of seeing those yellow legs and feet for a change, and the dark slate-grey upperparts were a sharp contrast to its unmarked snow white underparts and tail.  The bill was bright yellow, with only a bright red gonydeal spot no other dark markings were visible.  The irides were light, and the head and hindneck was streaked brown. A great way to watch the sun set at the end of the day here in the Metro!

Also on the pier was a juvenile Thayer's one of my favorites.

Conny Brunell
Richfield, Hennepin Co. 

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