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*December 1, 2011

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Hotline: Minnesota, Detroit Lakes
Date: December 1, 2011
Sponsor: Lakes Area Birding Club, Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce
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Compiler: Jeanie Joppru ([log in to unmask])

This is the Northwest Minnesota Birding Report for Thursday, December 1, 2011 sponsored by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce. You may also hear this report by calling (218)847-5743 or 1-800-433-1888.

We are having an unusually mild beginning to the winter with little or no snow in the northwest this year, and all are waiting to see when that will change. It is causing some migrants to linger and we hope they won't get caught by the inevitable quick cool down that will surely come. Many snowy owls are being reported , and the news is not good about the ones that are being found dead as many are severely emaciated. It takes the bloom off the joy of the sightings that folks are getting.

A SNOWY OWL was sighted by Teresa Jaskiewicz in Otter Tail County on CR40 near I-29 on November 28. Another was reported by Alma Ronningen on Thanksgiving Day near Dalton on the east side of CR 35. She also saw a NORTHERN SHRIKE and COMMON REDPOLLS at her home in Elizabeth. On November 30, she observed a flock of 18 WILD TURKEYS near Dent. Brad and Dee Ehlers reported that 110 TRUMPETER SWANS are easily visible as they forage in a cornfield a mile north of Amor.

Ron Erpelding found the female VARIED THRUSH at the Tamarac NWR feeders on November 25. Other species seen in Becker County included SHARP-SHINNED HAWK, BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE, and three EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVES in the town of Calloway. Steve Midthune reported a NORTHERN SHRIKE north of Lake Park on December 1.

EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVES were also seen in Clay County near the Glyndon elevators, and nine were observed in Twin Valley in Norman County on the west side of MN 32 between Cleveland Avenue and Hanson Avenue on November 25.

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS were seen in Mahnomen and Polk Counties last weekend.

Sandy Aubol in East Grand Forks, Polk County, reported that the EASTERN TOWHEE, HARRIS'S SPARROW, and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW are still around her yard on December 1. Ron Erpelding observed ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, a NORTHERN SHRIKE at Glacial Ridge, COMMON RAVEN, and PURPLE FINCH in Polk County on November 26.


A SNOWY OWL was found in Pennington County on November 26 on CR 10 one mile south of MN 1. ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, COMMON RAVEN, and SHARP-TAILED GROUSE were also seen in the county.

Heidi Hughes received calls about 4-6 SNOWY OWLS in Northwest Minnesota from Red Lake County to Kittson County within the last two weeks. Ron Erpelding found two at Agassiz NWR near the headquarters along CR 7 on November 26. He found a single LAPLAND LONGSPUR in a flock of SNOW BUNTINGS. Gary Tischer reported an immature BALD EAGLE on the east boundary of the refuge on November 29. He also saw SHARP-TAILED GROUSE in Marshall County.

Katie Haws reported two dead SNOWY OWLS, one in Beltrami County , and one in Roseau County. Both were severely emaciated.

From Kittson County, Larry Wilebski reported a BARRED OWL and a NORTHERN CARDINAL at his place northwest of Lancaster.

Cliff Steinhauer saw a GREAT GRAY OWL on the Pitt grade six miles south of Pitt on November 24.

Please report bird sightings to Jeanie Joppru by email, no later than Thursday each week, at [log in to unmask] OR call the Detroit Lakes Chamber's toll free number: 1-800-542-3992. Detroit Lakes area birders please call 847-9202. Please include the county where the sighting took place. The next scheduled update of this report is Thursday, December 8,2011.

Jeanie Joppru Pennington County, MN