Monday December 19

Sax-Zim CBC

A very average 28 species


Snowy Owl (first since 1991...when we had 4) CR 29 1 to 1.5 mi N of CR133 (found by Peder Svingen and Tony Hertzel)

2 Boreal Chickadees at Admiral Road feeder

10 Black-billed Magpies

28 Rough-legged Hawks

125 White-winged Crossbills

244 Common Redpolls (no Hoarys)

no three-toed woodpeckers of any kind (windy!), no Sharp-tailed Grouse (windy!), no other owls, no Snow Buntings (no snow so why?)

Thanks to:Dave Benson,  Pam Benson,  John Ellis,  John Heid,  Dave Evans,  Tony Hertzel,  Peder Svingen,  Sparky Stensaas,  Jan Conley,  Sandy Roggenkamp,  Don Kienholz

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