Early this afternoon, my husband and I observed a juvenile Snowy Owl just on the eastern edge of East Grand Forks (Polk County), kitty-corner across Hwy 2 from American Crystal Sugar. It was perched on a small lift station.
Just north of the Crystal Sugar lagoons, a Bald Eagle was perched in a tree overlooking 25-30 jackrabbits. It then flew over the lagoons and stirred up several thousand Canada geese with what looked like a few Cackling geese mixed in. 
We saw a Rough-legged Hawk about 14-15 miles east of East Grand Forks late this morning, at the intersection of 300th Ave SW and 150th St. SW.  
An Eastern Towhee and 2 Harris's Sparrows continue to feed in my yard in East Grand Forks.
Sandy Aubol
East Grand Forks, MN
Polk County

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