I appreciated seeing the proceedings of the MOU records committee in the
latest issue of the Loon.  I find the reasons for records turned down and
dissents (2 or greater,  I guess) to be very informative.  I would also
like to see the reasons for dissent on those records that are accepted on a
6 to 1 vote.  In particular, I would love to read the one dissent on the
Ferruginous Hawk seen and photographed (shown in the Loon) in Lac Qui Parle
County on 10-25-2010.  I'm not an ace birder, particularly when it comes to
raptors, so I would like to see that reasons that that raptor pictured in
the Loon might not have been a Ferruginous Hawk.

Mark Otnes
Fargo ND
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