The adult Glaucous-winged Gull was seen at Canal Park, Duluth, in the late afternoon yesterday (12/29) between 2:40 and 2:57 PM and all afternoon today (12/30) until 3:00 PM when all of the gulls departed Canal Park. Other observers have reported finding the gull on ice floes in the Duluth harbor or at WLDDS (27th Ave West), but Canal Park has been the most consistent location since its discovery by Karl Bardon on the 22nd. 

I uploaded four short HD video clips taken yesterday under overcast skies which gives an accurate rendering of mantle shade. One of the clips shows the bird surrounded by American Herring Gulls for direct comparison of size, bill characteristics, and mantle shade. Other clips show the bird bathing and flapping its wings.

A series of images taken 25 December 2011 can be found at:

Informed comments on this bird are most welcome. Thanks for your interest and best wishes for good birding in 2012!

Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN
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