Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late post on this one:
A Snowy Owl was observed by birder Katie Brey on Sunday Dec. 4th just
before midnight near Marshall School in Duluth. The bird was observed
sitting in a conifer and I was able to join her to watch it for
approximately 20-30 minutes before it flew off. Lack of light made it
difficult to determine sex of the bird.

I observed another Snowy Owl yesterday Dec. 8th at around 4:00 pm which was
spotted by a professor while it was sitting on the Swenson Hall on the UWS
campus in Superior. We were able to get fairly good looks at the bird using
binoculars and it appeared to be almost completely white, with faint traces
of barring near the wing tips and terminal edge of the tail.

Sarah Glesner
Duluth, MN

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