Hello everyone!

The next Web Standards meeting is this Friday!

Several people have requested a session on credit card transactions.  How
do you do it?  What services do you use?  What do you need to know?

Greg Miller, the U's PCIDSS Compliance Manager has offered to come talk to
us about how it all works.  He'll answer the questions, and yours!  So come
learn about taking payments!

*Topic:* Credit Card Transactions
*Location:* 325 Education Sciences
*Time:* As always, pizza and networking from about 11:30 to noon, then
we'll start the presentation.

Please RSVP at:

PS: Want to just know the dates, times, places, and subjects of web
standards meetings?  Try the Google Calendar!

Dan Sagisser
Information Architect and Project Manager
College of Education and Human Development
Phone: 612-626-1325