One final post on the Dodge County Snowy Owls in case there are some birders wishing to travel here to view the owl(s).

I saw one Snowy Owl last Thursday (2/23).  There were a few birders out last weekend looking and to my knowledge they did not find an owl.  I did one final check this evening.  I think they've moved on.

It was a great run this winter finding five Snowy Owls which was aided by virtually no snow cover.   The first owl, a nearly pure white adult male, was seen Jan. 6.   That was followed by a second owl, a very dark juvenile.  These two owls moved from the area fairly early.  The owl I eventually referred to as the 700th St. Snowy Owl first showed up on Jan. 10.  In early February two more owls entered the area.   It was a genuine treat to see all three owls within a mile of each other.  The last time I saw all three was Feb. 17 on the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Ken Vail

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