My friend who lives in Rochester, saw a Snowy Owl on the 28th of January.
She took me to the sign that day, about 6:30 PM.  Not there then.   
She saw it at 11 AM that day.
Says since then has seen it almost daily.  Sees it about 8 Am, usually. 
Said she has seen it probably at least 10 times.
Was on billboard sign , north side of 37th St Nw just East of 3rd Ave Nw ?
A Wells Fargo bank is across the street and a Hy-Vee grocery store, with big 
parking lot.
Billboard angles toward street,  and owl sits between the two signs.
One sign has Pro Life, other had Pepsi when I was there.
She saw it today, 2-10-12.  Says it is mostly white.
Probably would be good to look from across street at Hy-Vee,
and try to see this urban owl. 
Post if you see it, so I can tell herothers got to see "her" owl. 
Thanks.  Joe Conley

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