Hey again,

Looks like not all scans with the UMN-Standards checkpoint group completed.
 If that happened to you, the problem should now be fixed.  And
I neglected to mention that you are always welcome to configure additional
scans with different checkpoints.  Some checkpoints that could be valuable

   - Site Quality - Link Validation
   - Site Quality - Page Load Time
   - Site Quality - Spell checking


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 11:32 AM, Tonu Mikk <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings to all UMN Web community members,
> Assessing websites for accessibility can be challenging.  Disability
> Services sought a means of making this task easier, quicker,  and more
> automatic.  After reviewing the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff<http://hisoftware.com/solutions/hisoftware-compliance-sheriff.aspx> application,
> Phil Kragnes and I  felt that it could be useful for University of
> Minnesota Web developers.  Following a favorable review by a few of your
> colleagues, Disability Services purchased a one year license for the
> software.  We have created a custom set of checkpoints that align with the UMN
> Web Accessibility Standards<http://accessibility.umn.edu/web-accessibility.html>.  More
> information about this service and a link for requesting an account is
> available on the Computer Accommodations Program Website<http://cap.umn.edu/website-accessibility-assessment.html>
> .****
> ** **
> While we hope that this service will continue beyond the one-year pilot
> phase, we make no guarantees.  However we believe that the application
> provides a valuable opportunity to improve the accessibility of the
> university’s Web presence during its one year deployment.****
> ** **
> We invite you to try out the service<http://cap.umn.edu/account-request.html>!
> Tonu
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> Tonu Mikk
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Tonu Mikk
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