At 2pm today, I was surprised to see hundreds of Tundra Swans sitting in a
farm field approx. 2 miles east of US 75 south of Warren (300Ave and 200th
Streets NW).  I also spotted 5 Short-eared Owls flying over the CRP and
impoundment on 190th Street NW between Polk Co. 68 and 300th ave NW.
Several Northern Harriers, Red-tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles.  Rough-leggeds
are still here.  Several Sharp-tailed Grouse, dozens of Sandhills, Western
Meadowlarks, Tree Sparrows, Flickers.  The first ticks of the season

Heidi Hughes
Agassiz Audubon Society
27391  190th Street NW
Warren MN  56762

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