Hello-I was wondering if anyone could suggest the identity of the amazing
songster I heard yesterday.  I was out cleaning the paddock when I heard an
unfamiliar song--it didn't repeat or have any pattern that I could
discern.  At that point I started searching for it.  It was quite backlit
in the bright sun--but it seems to be the size and shape of a slender
grackle-with a longer beak.  I could just make out some stripes on the
breast.  The song was amazing-reminded me of the lyre bird-it kept
changing, and I'm certain I heard it say "ribbit" as if it was mimicking a

After perusing the MOU birds of Minnesota list I have settled on brown
thrasher as a possible identity for this bird.  When it flew away I saw a
reddish brown back and wings, low, swooping flight like a woodpecker.  Does
anyone have any other suggestions? I'm new to Minnesota so this is just a

Danielle McLaughlin
Washington County