Despite an extended search on foot, Rob and I were unable to find the
White-winged Dove in Lewiston, though we saw many Mouning and
Eurasian-collared Doves.
Luckily, we had decided to finally visit the legendary sewage ponds in the
area, especially after hearing of the Hudsonian Godwit seen there by Carol
Schumacher earlier in the day. (Our thanks to Susan Schumacher for sharing
her scope.) As always with birding, when you miss one special thing, you
may very well find another.
We then proceeded to our planned exercise hike in Whitewater SP. The full
complement of bird species has yet to arrive, but the wildflowers were in
glorious early bloom. On the way home through Weaver, we did find a pair of
foraging Sandhill Cranes, in a cornfield by Weaver Substation # 2, our
other "special". The final detour of the day was an evening check of the
180th St. Marsh in Dakota County, where we heard MANY Sora (seen on an
earlier trip) and Virginia Rail (heard only).
Linda Whyte

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