Ok, crazy subject aside, we have a cool change coming to the Web Standards
group next year!

Since Web Standards (formerly CSS-DEV) started, it's been run by one person
at a time.  Previously Kris Layon, and for the last two years, myself.  The
amount of time required to put this together presented problems for both of
us.  So last year, working with the Web Standards Planning Group, a
solution was found... have more than one person run the group!

Starting next year, the Web Standards group will be run by a committee of
three people who will be able to balance the time commitment more
effectively.  The group will be run by a few awesome people who have all
been very involved with the group over the last year.

They are...

*Gabe Ormsby* from the Provost's Office

*Tony Thomas *from Student Unions & Activities

*Wend Volkman *from Carlson School of Management

I will put together the last meeting for this academic year, the May
meeting, and from then on Wendy, Gabe, and Tony will be putting it all

So please join me in congratulating and thanking them for taking on the
leadership of the group!  I'm excited that we can all look forward to more
opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate together across the

Dan Sagisser
Information Architect and Project Manager
College of Education and Human Development
Phone: 612-626-1325