Carlson has a custom built events system that we use to run events, and 
event registration management.

Given so many of our events are free, we have not moved wholesale to a SaaS 
service. Given they want a fee for everything. 

- Charging by credit card on a single factor (usually we use time [early, normal, 
late registration], or seat type/location)
- Publishes events to
- Our system allows for restricting the number of seats and seat types.
- Exports name of attendees for use as a check-in list or table name tags

When events get complicated, like running multiple tracks and pre-conference 
training and other a-la-carte payment needs we point people to CCE or out 
side vendor offerings.

But for the majority of our events 50 - 60 yearly events this system works fine.

We have tied it to publishing promotional events to the 

We then make all of our events feeds (Web Site, Kiosks, Intranet) pull from the 
source feed from

(see attached diagrams) 

It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.

I would be happy demo this if you wish.

If you're interested in the application, we could look at sharing. 

Here is a sequence of pages for an upcoming "Carlson - May 2012 First 
Tuesday  Event" to follow the flow of event publishing

Events UMN Promotional Page -

Carlson School Events Listing Page -

Carlson School Event Detail Page -

Registration Page -

Craig Gjerdingen

Also we have created a prototype, that would allow for all the tracks, sessions, 
pre & post conference stuff and charging by any and every option in the 
system. And some nice add-on's like a speaker/presenter section to upload 
media for sessions, and pre and post surveys for sessions and events.

But this would need to be a shared campus level development effort based on 
our prototype. (Would be seriously fun project, could be open sourced for all 
universities to use!) 

One last item, I know is coming and I believe they have an 
event registration and management module in their suite of apps.