I was startled to hear what I belive is a singing Kirtland's Warbler in downtown St. Paul at Irving Park.  Irving Park is located near the Excel Center 2 blocks west of Eagle Parkway, 2 blocks above Shepherd Road and 3 blocks south of West Seventh.  The bird was singing loudly from the northeast quadrat of the square in dense large trees in front of residences marked 16, 15, and 14 across from the actual park which has a large fountain in the center of a 2 block square park.  There is no allowable parking along the square so park a block to the north of the park.  Last heard around 10.00 a.m. and not heard at noon when the temperature was near 90.  I plan to recheck the spot later today and will post if anything positive results and with a north wind and rain predicted overnight it is possible the bird might stay around.  I only had one sighting of a medium yellow-breasted bird that flew over once and spent much of the time on private property.  Observe the back streaking for a clinching field mark.  The only other warblers around were Tennessees.  The song fit the National Geographic Bird app almost perfectly.  Bob Russell

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