We have a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior near Cascade River. Between 
May 13-16, we also saw a large group of long-tailed ducks, perhaps the same 
one seen by the Greens. In looking back at records I keep when I'm there, 
we have seen large concentrations of long- tails most years at this time of 

Jan Wicklund

On May 21 2012, John Green wrote:

>This weekend John and I took a trip up the North Shore to scout a BBA 
>atlas block and do some geology field work - in the rain.  Most 
>noteworthy observation was a pair Long-tailed Ducks in breeding plumage 
>at Taconite Harbor on Saturday the 19th and a flock of Long-tailed Ducks 
>- about 30 also in breeding plumage -moving down the shore off the mouth 
>of the Cascade River.
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