I met up with Curt Rawn this morning by chance and with my daughter we set out to find the Hooded Warbler in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. I had tried yesterday on the trail that leads to Portage Lake from Shulze Lake without success and we did not find it there again today but then we heard an unfamiliar call at trail marker #45. It turned out to be a beautiful male Hooded Warbler that gave us great views for several minutes. It was singing loudly and continued to sing past 11:00am. We also found a Pileated Woodpecker and I heard Eastern Towhee, and Red-eyed Vireo along with many flycatchers. Please do not use playback for this warbler as it has a potential to breed with the female that is in the area and it is of course quite rare in Minnesota. The use of playback is banned in some areas of Southeast Arizona because it was disrupting some of the range limited species when they were on their breeding territories. Good Birding,  Jason Caddy  Minneapolis  [log in to unmask] 		 	   		  
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