Hi All --

On Thursday (May 24th) I was doing some birding up north. I was driving
along CR 8 northwest of Baudette. I stopped to check out some ducks in an
inlet along the road and clearly heard the "Peter Peter Peter" call of a
Tufted Titmouse. I am very familiar with this bird in Winona county where I
live and hear them calling regularly. It was loudly calling from the woods
in this area (GPS 48.764365,-94.677193). I played a titmouse call on the
ipod to see if the bird would come out into view. It never did that I could
see. I did seem to move around because the sound changed intensity and
location. I was there listening to it for 5 to 10 minutes. I would love to
know if that is what I heard. If someone is in this area or going to this
area I would encourage you to investigate this. From what I can tell this
would be a first county record for Tufted Titmouse in Lake of the Woods



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