Hi Jim

SUA has three projects right now:

SUA <http://sua.umn.edu/mobile>
Spring Jam <http://springjam.umn.edu/mobile>
Homecoming <http://homecoming.umn.edu>

All of them use some responsive techniques, but right now we're just
providing a separate mobile experience. All three projects us JQuery
(Spring Jam and Homecoming don't have much "there" there right now. Watch
for Homecoming updates later this summer. Spring Jam next spring.)



On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Jim Hart <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Everyone-
> I'm working on a responsive header & footer for University sites, as well
> as some standards and guidelines, and templates where appropriate, that we
> can have available on the brand resources page in the coming months. I know
> there's at least a few of you that have been independently developing
> mobile/responsive sites.
> I'm hoping to collect together the various approaches to this that those
> of you working on it have taken, and synthesizing them into something we
> can make available for all. If you or someone in your unit has been working
> on something mobile/responsive, would you be willing to send me a link or
> package up some code for me if it's not accessible?
> I'll try to mention something about this at tomorrow's meeting as well.
> I'd love to see what's being worked on!
> Jim Hart
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