This morning, Butch Ukura and I drove over to Felton Prairie to check on 
the SPRAGUE'S PIPIT that has been reported. We arrived there shortly 
after 7 o'clock and walked down the fence line just past the metal pipe. 
We heard the bird just to south of the fence (on the wind turbine side). 
To our surprise, the bird was sitting on the ground, no more than thirty 
feet away. We watched it (and Butch photographed it) for over five 
minutes while it casually walked a short distance away. It then flew 
directly over us and began a wonderful aerial display, flying and 
landing several times. We got great views and were on our way before 
7:30. We also got a wonderful show put on by a pair of MARBLED GODWITS a 
short distance further to the north.
We would like to thank all of the birders who posted for their help -- 
it was very much appreciated.   Warren Nelson

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