I was birding in Itasca County along CR 72 south of Warba this morning and
found two birds of special interest.
The first was a Wild Turkey that I am convinced was actually wild. It was on
Cr 72 near the intersection with CR 430. That's just north of the line with
Aitkin County. 
Later I saw a Great Gray Owl hunting along CR 72. That's the first Great
Gray I've seen here in the summer. A year or two ago Sparky Stensaas told me
he saw one in this same area while doing a bird survey during the summer. I
can't remember if he actually found a nest or not. But it appears that we
may have breeding Great Gray Owls here in Itasca County. It's a nice Spruce
bog so the habitat is right.
Earl Orf
 <http://www.earlorfphotos.com/> www.earlorfphotos.com 

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