Yesterday, around noon I heard an Acadian Flycatcher at Rudy Kraemer 
Nature Preserve in Burnsville.  It was singing in a small stand of 
woods on the south east side of the park.  Seemed like an odd spot and 
I didn’t think it would stick around but I heard it again this morning. 
  The quickest access to where the flycatcher was is actually through 
Sue Fischer Fields (past the Mcdonalds at 12700 Vincent Ave South in 

Hike south out of the parking lot on a paved trail.  Take the SECOND 
trail you see to your right, between two small ponds.  As you get to 
the end of the two small ponds, there is a small mixed stand of trees 
on your RIGHT.  That’s where it was singing.   There is a water outflow 
that cascades down a few limestone boulders on your left at this spot.  
It is less than a quarter mile from the parking lot.  If you continue 
past this, there is another mile or two of hiking trails around a large 
wetland complex.

Caleb Ashling
Bloomington, MN

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