Here is video of a Great Gray Owl hunting in the Sax-Zim Bog on the west side of McDavitt Road...about a half mile into the bog off the road:

The Great Gray has been seen from the road several times this month (about 2.5-3 miles N of Sax Rd)

Here are some locations for some sought after Sax-Zim breeding birds:

Connecticut Warbler: intersection of Stickney Road and Sax Road, Also stop and listen in the bog areas of Admiral Road

LeConte's Sparrow: "Blue Spruce loop" Go N on Blue Spruce off of CR133 and check the weedy fields along Poplar and Aspen RoadsAlso check weedy fields along Watsula Road just NW of Meadowlands. Stop and listen for their song.

Black-billed Magpie: Check farms with cattle along CR29 and Watsula Roads

Dickcissels: I had 4 near the intersection of Watsula and CR29 a few days ago. Also one in the large pasture just SW of CR52/Arkola and Poplar

Western Meadowlark: One singing in the large pasture just SW of CR52/Arkola and Poplar (E of Stickney)

It's not too late to get out and enjoy the Bog!

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