I was up in Beltrami Island State Park (Lake of the Woods County) on
Tuesday helping out with a DNR ECS training session and saw the following

Spruce Grouse 1 female with 3 fledglings:

Cooper's Hawk  (CR 3)
Short-eared Owl   2 (CR 1)
Great Horned Owl  1 (CR 87)
Great Gray Owl  1 (Pitt Grade Trail)
Eastern Whip-poor-will   2 seen many heard (CR 87)
Olive-sided Flycatcher   1 (Hogsback Trail)
Gray Jay  2 with 1 juvenile (Pitt Grade Trail)
Boreal Chickadee  2  (Pitt Grade Trail)
Grasshopper Sparrow  (CR 3)
Red Crossbill  9 (Pitt Grade Trail)
White-winged Crossbill 3 (Pitt Grade Trail)
Purple Finch 2 pair  (Hogsback Trail)

Today in Polk County I had the following highlights at the Parnell
Impoundment on CR 17 east of US 75:

Canada Goose
Blue-winged Teal
Northern Shoveler

Trumpeter Swan   pair
Green-winged Teal
Greater Yellowlegs   1
Lesser Yellowlegs 3
Black-billed Cuckoo
Willow Flycatcher   3+
Dickcissel  many
Le Conte's Sparrow   2
Orchard Oriole

Bill Blackburn
Minnesota Audubon
Warren, MN

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